American Public, smarter than a 5th grader. can solve the USA’s budget issues






Dr. Jim Freim

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The American public is smarter than a fifth grader, but the elected officials in Washington are obviously not!

Washington seems to be populated with clowns. 538 of them to be exact – also known as politicians, one of the lower life forms but that might be an insult to the creepy crawlers of the insect world.

They act like and are “buffoons”, which according to Webster, is “ a person who is always clowning.” They are suppose to be representing us, that seems to be the last item on their agenda. Instead, their concerns come across as winning turf battles, getting reelected, building a fiefdom, and grabbing power.

Forget the damn politics and solve our problems or the USA is on a slippery slide into obscurity. Or the USA credit rating will drop again. Do what needs to be done!

But I have a solution because the American public is smart!! I’m going downtown and at random, I will pick 20, maybe 30, people. From all walks of life. From all ethnic groups. Any color – white, brown, black, yellow, etc. All types of jobs from the banker (pity us if I happen to choose one of those rascals) to the salesclerk to the plumber.

Put them in a room, explain the problem, and ask them for a solution. We are not putting a man on the moon (already done) or designing a nuclear reactor that we can leave that to the engineers. We are doing basic math – adding, subtracting, and I doubt that we even need to multiply!

I’ll bet within 3 to 4 days, they will have an answer. Unencumbered by politics, special interest groups, money, or power, they will have a proposal that will have more merit and mean more to the general public than anything 538 clowns can produce.

Maybe, we need a new political movement, the Common Sense Solution. Whatever the problem — fiscal cliff, debt ceiling, dealing with banks, balancing the budget, allocating money among the government agencies, etc., the American public can solve the problem. They are smarter than a fifth grader and have more common sense than a clown.



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